QUALIFY: The top 20 players on the Red Hot Poker Tour Main Leaderboard are eligible for the Tournament of Champions events/prizes, as well as the top 120 on the Championship Qualifiers (CQ) Leaderboard.

BONUS CHIPS & POINTS: Members who register and play the tournament wearing clothing with a Party Poker logo receive an additional 500 value chip in their starting stack, if they win the tournament receive a bonus 500 points. Red Club gear is also valid for the bonus. "DOUBLE POINTS” events can be awarded to a maximum of 2500.

POINTS INQUIRIES: To have your question investigated you must provide the following information: 1) Name, 2) Date of Event, 3) Member Number, 4) Finish Position/Points Inquiry. Send to the Minister of Points:

Leaderboard by Region

RankNamePointsTournamentsFinal TablesWins
1 Alpha Pierre11000884
2 Faraz Salim82501092
3 Sean Powell707511100
4 Michael Dinglasan68501072
5 Joshua Peteigney6625990
6 George Johnston3900441
7 Sal Ahmid2200440
8 Michael Reid2150221
9 Don Skillings2025111
  Wayne Patfield2025111
11 Peter Henderson1900430
12 Diana Zottola1525111
13 Richard Temple1400440
14 Cory McDonald1350220
15 Kerwin Liverpool1150220
16 Jawad Ennadouri1025110
  Agostino Monteleone1025110
  Ian J. Musgrave1025110
19 Eriks Korsunovs975320
20 Ian Chanonat950220
21 Larry Fedoruk875320
22 Noel Medeiros850220
23 James Arseneault825110
24 Robyn Petek625110
  Jordan MacIsaac625110
  Manish Surana625110
27 Sunny Voradeth525110
  Travis Luchuck525110
29 Phillip Foubert450210
30 Mark Giorgio425110
  Ah-Fu Wen425110
  Brian Eley425110
33 Trish Mutch325110
34 Michelle Cadeau225110
  Andrew McIntosh225110
  Robert Commanda225110
37 Kavin Seecharan25100
  David Lewis25100
  George Gray25100
  Cindy Shantz25100
  Luke Parnell25100
  Sergiy Glusanylsya25100
  Glenn Leder25100