QUALIFY: The top 20 players on the Red Hot Poker Tour Main Leaderboard are eligible for the Tournament of Champions events/prizes, as well as the top 120 on the Championship Qualifiers (CQ) Leaderboard.

BONUS CHIPS & POINTS: Members who register and play the tournament wearing clothing with a Party Poker logo receive an additional 500 value chip in their starting stack, if they win the tournament receive a bonus 500 points. Red Club gear is also valid for the bonus. "DOUBLE POINTS” events can be awarded to a maximum of 2500.

POINTS INQUIRIES: To have your question investigated you must provide the following information: 1) Name, 2) Date of Event, 3) Member Number, 4) Finish Position/Points Inquiry. Send to the Minister of Points:

Leaderboard by Region

RankNamePointsTournamentsFinal TablesWins
1 Josh Allen139751982
2 kelly shute109501972
3 Neil Erskine107001263
4 Rhys Gillan106002292
5 Eric Aucoin100251061
6 Gary Shields89751962
7 Al Morgan87752080
8 Duane Allan84502381
9 Vanessa Ramsundhar82251950
  Andrew Witmer82251661
  Joe Eisenmenger82252561
12 Mike O Toole79002071
13 Sharon Wilson78001551
14 Norman Byford74002490
15 Brian Seifried7100861
16 Terry Volcaridis69501141
17 Chris Brown64501121
18 John-Michael Pocsai64251650
19 Josh Corneau63751031
20 Robert Fryers59501540
21 Evan Douglas-Fish5900950
22 Christine Campbell55252350
23 Srdjan Sekulic49501440
24 Calvin Thompson4525850
25 Robert Walden45001730
26 Trevor Faus41751421
27 Joyce Seifried41501550
28 Dean Tipping41251830
29 Steve Stockley39001040
30 Jon Bannon37501240
31 Bruce Holland3600311
32 Mary Beth Simms35001031
  Rob Barry35001130
34 Bill Bastin2900720
35 Greg Lynch24751240
36 Harry Lam2425720
37 Allen Censner24001010
38 Eric Bremner2025111
39 Ron Evinou1875110
40 Mark Stuart1825830
41 Nik Voulcaridis1775410
42 Derek Vanbergen15251520
43 Shane Bessette13751120
44 Chris Wilburn1325820
45 Kelsey Paschert1275220
46 Randy Barron1250110
47 Mike Wilburn1050110
  Rob Stoker1050610
49 Doug Wheeler1025110
50 John Haberstroh10001020
51 Jim Ellis925810
52 Lori Ward5501400
53 Jonathan Nelson4001000
54 Greggory Stubbs300210
55 Jake Robichaud275600
56 Rob Brown225110
57 Evangelos Aktoudianakis200400
58 Cory Ladkin150300
59 Evan Nordquist125200
  Steve Fulton125300
61 Chuck McQueen100300
  Chris MacMillan100300
63 Sandar Nadasdy75100
  Matt Comeau75100
  Zulema Azizova75100
  Chris Jensen75200
67 Geoff Gordon50100
  Scott Kirby50100
  Brian Christner50200
  Stephane Cadieux50100
  Noah Collins50100
72 Tony Warrington25100
  Greg Williams25100
  Caleb Dicks25100
  Irene Nye25100
  Krista Groulx25100
  Chris Groulx25100
  Lyndon Wiebe25100
  Derek Weatherall25100
  Dave Ferdinand25100